Saturday, July 18, 2009


Many of you know I rarely photograph cats. Maybe it's because their owners don't think their cat would be the kind of cat that would like to have their picture taken.
I've been told by many cat owners...that they never expected their cat to come out from under the bed or that I was the only person to ever get a good picture of their cat.
That makes me feel I'm always happy to get a call from a cat's human. Remember, if you don't like the pictures--you don't pay. Period.

Pax and Kiko

Here are two fun dogs! We shot these photos right before sunset one evening. You can tell they are just the best of friends! Meet Pax and Kiko!

Pictures at PJC

Here are some senior portraits I did of my friend, Scott, and his beautiful dog, Ty. We took these photos early in the morning out by a small pond near our local community college.