Saturday, November 8, 2008

Olivia and Smoky

A couple of weeks ago I did a fun photo shoot of my friend, Olivia, and her horse Smoky. As you can see by these photos...Olivia makes me look like a great photographer.

She is such a beautiful young woman inside and out. And she's great with horses...thank goodness, because I'm a bit frightened of them! There were other horses in the pasture where we were shooting and they were very frisky kicking their back legs up in the air when Olivia told them to go away. Thankfully I had my friend Mary watching my back (and my tripod and my extra lens).

Smoky is such a good horse and you can tell there is a very special bond here...

Thank you for asking me to take your photos and as always ~ good luck choosing your favorites for the enlargements. That's the hardest part!